How to Configure Dynamic NAT on CISCO Routers

How to Configure Dynamic NAT on CISCO Routers

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This artical covers how to configure dynamic NAT (Network Address Translation) on CISCO Routers.

Steps to configure dynamic NAT using CLI.

  1. Login to the device using SSH / TELNET
  2. Go into the config mode.

    Router#configure terminal

  3. Configure the router’s inside interface

    Router(config)#interface fa0/0

    Router(config-if)#ip nat inside


  4. Configure the router’s outside interface

    Router(config)#interface eth0/0/0

    Router(config-if)#ip nat outside


  5. Configure an ACL that has a list of the inside source addresses that will be translated.

    Router(config)#access-list 1 permit

    Configure the pool of global IP addresses

    Router(config)#ip nat pool POOL01 netmask

    NOTE: The pool configured above consists of 5 addresses:,,,, and

  6. Enable dynamic NAT

    Router(config)#ip nat inside source list 1 pool POOL01

    NOTE: The command above instructs the router to translate all addresses specified in the access list 1 to the pool of global addresses called POOL01.

  7. Exit config mode


  8. Copy the running configuration into startup configuration using following command

    Router#write memory

    Building configuration... [OK]


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