How to install and configure DHCP Server in Windows Server 2022

How to install and configure DHCP Server in Windows Server 2022

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This Article covers how to install and configure DHCP Server in Windows Server 2022. This DHCP server will provide IP for network devices in the network.

How install DHCP Server

  1. Launch Server Manager
  2. Click on Manage and click on Add Roles and Features
  3. Click on Next on Before you Begin page
  4. Select Role based or feature-based installation and click on Next
  5. Select the server and click on next
  6. Select DHCP Server in the list of roles and click on Add Features and then click Next
  7. Click Next on the Features section
  8. Click Next on DHCP Server section
  9. Click Install
  10. When the installation finishes, you will see a yellow escalation mark beside the flag. Click on that
  11. Click on Complete DHCP Configuration
  12. Click on Next and then Close


How to configure DHCP

  1. Launch Server Manager
  2. Click on Tools and select DHCP
  3. Once the DHCP console opens, verify you are connected to your server and expand it
  4. Right Click on IPv4 and select New Scope
  5. New Scope Wizard will pop up, click on Next on the initial setup page
  6. Give a Name and Description for the scope and click Next
  7. Enter the Start IP Address and End IP Address
  8. In the second section, enter the Subnet Mask and click Next
  9. If you need an IP excluded, enter the specific IP or range in order for that IP to be excluded and click next
  10. Lease Duration, enter the duration for scope lease when IP is distributed by the server. Default is 1 day.
  11. Click on Yes, I want to configure these option now  to configure Default Gateway, DNS Server and click next
  12. Default Gateway – enter the IP Address and click on Add and then Next
  13. Domain Name and DNS Server – In Parent domain, enter the name of your domain. Under IP address enter all the DNS Server IP in your name and click on Add and click on Next
  14. WINS, enter the IP address of WINS server if its in your network and then click Next
  15. Select Yes, I want to activate this scope now and click Next and then click on Finish
  16. Now under IPv4, you will see the scope running now
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